SWFA Trade-In Program

SWFA Trade-In Program
SWFA accepts trades for just about anything of value. Click on the link below and fill out the appraisal form.

Click one of the links below to view contest entries. We are still accepting entries for this contest, click here to enter.

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Jeremy Mondejar
I point my factory 30-06 rifle into the endless desert looking for a Mr. Target who is one mile away. Most shooters would say that is an impossible shot-one mile with a factory 30-06 rifle. Well, my...
Jeff Baker
Father's and Daughter's Rifles My FDE Sig716 is used for anything in between coyotes to elk. It has a Millet DMS mount in a SWFA S.S.A.L.T mount. The mount is rock solid and after several hundreds ...
Paul Isop
It is extremely difficult to find a place in western Washington to shoot beyond 400 yards. While exploring the central Cascades, I came upon this isolated clear-cut with a safe shot to 610 yards - I'm...
Temple Koonce
This picture was taken of my 5 year old son Garrett after our first serious trip to the range. Garrett has been shooting before but this was his first trip that we really concentrated on precision sho...
Levi Wood
This picture was taken during a moose hunt with my father. We hunted for 10 days, averaging 18 miles per day, through thick alders, crossing partially frozen creeks and scaling steep Alaskan mountain ...
Jesse Toelke
We have been looking for a spot to set up steel where we could leave it and not have to take it down all the time. Well, my cousin and a buddy of his, that we just got into long range shooting, came ...
Dan Garcia
This is my Tactilite Spartan in .50BMG with an SWFA SS 20x42 scope. I wanted something at least 16x with mil-dots and rated for the .50. So far the SWFA SS fits the demand nicely. It's extremely clear...
David Reid
After two straight weeks of listening to dying cottontails, bluebirds in distress and coyote howl after howl, I concluded that yes, I was in a slump. I totally blew an easy shot at a red fox and a...
Andrew Brechbiel
Pictured is a SWFA SS 3-15, ADM Recon 20 moa mount, SWFA sunshade, SWFA ARD, and Butler Creek caps. All purchased from SWFA. I put this sweet little package on a SPR I put together. Thanks to VG6, Odi...
Gary Hatch
This is a picture of me with my chocolate colored heavy beamed 8pt buck taken on public land in North Florida with my Springfield M1A 308 rifle using the Springfield Armory M1A 4th Generation Scope Mo...
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