SWFA Trade-In Program

SWFA Trade-In Program
SWFA accepts trades for just about anything of value. Click on the link below and fill out the appraisal form.

Click one of the links below to view contest entries. We are still accepting entries for this contest, click here to enter.

Newest Entries
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Austin Scholl
This rifle started out as a bone stock Remington 700 ADL chambered in 243 Win. Then, for my high school senior project, it got a bit of an overhaul. I decided I wanted to build my first long range rif...
William Goodrich
POKE THE BEAR!! They say when you shoot dangerous game, poke them in the eye, if they flinch, shoot again. That didn't happen with this 9 1/2 foor Kodiak Brown bear thanks to the Swarovski 10x42 R...
Laura Savoy
Laura’s first pronghorn. This very nice 13.5’” gem was harvested off the Shoshone-Paiute Indian reservation, located in Idaho and Nevada on September 1st 2014. The animal was taken on the Nevada side ...
Jeff Prater
It was the perfect day for some Texas coyote hunting. I headed out rifle in hand and a full pack on my back. I placed my FoxPro Fusion game call in the middle of some brush and then setup shop on a ...
Jeremy Zuniga
When you start a new rifle build, you never really know what you're going to get. You have hopes, you have dreams and you most definitely have time and money invested. My most recent build, "Diana's...
P Hoover
SWFA thanks for the 20X scope and 30 MM rings for my Grendel build. I am set up at 200 yards at the shooting range. After sighting in the 20X SWFA scope at 100 yards I moved to 200 yards and was able ...
Grant Nagata
It was the morning of June 10, 2014 and I was rushing to get to work on time. Stepping out of my truck I noticed on one foot I had a brown shoe and on the other a black shoe. In my hurriedness at ho...
Colt Knight
My friend Sophie shooting my Colt LE6920-MPB with a Leupold Mark AR Mod 1 with Firedot reticle. Sophie is an undergraduate Vet Science major at the University of Arizona. She has been a great help to ...
Robert Pitts
Hunting season is over and I was cleaning my rifles and putting them away. My wife suggested that I send a picture of our small collection of target/hunting rifles. The rifle that's on the bipod i...
Matthew Wood
This past year my daughter and her friend decided to apply together for deer permits since earlier in the year they had so much fun hunting javelina together. Low and behold when the results came out...
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