SWFA Trade-In Program

SWFA Trade-In Program
SWFA accepts trades for just about anything of value. Click on the link below and fill out the appraisal form.

Here are the final results for the 2003 / 2004 SWFA Photo Contest.

SWFA is currently investigating fraudulent vote entries and will be adjusting vote totals to include only legitimate votes.

Alan Rutan
This is a picture of some of the furs from my trap lines this winter and the blonde coyote that put my woods skills to the ultimate test! I started trapping coyotes in my area of rural Indiana on Dec...
Albert Peters
After the third day of our Sept 03 Caribou hunt with Ungava Adventures, I was starting to become concerned about not seeing a nice bull to take back to my taxidermist. My oldest son and I had booke...
Amanda and Angela Grove
Attached is a picture of the two of us. My dad introduced us to silhouette shooting and last summer Amanda (she's on the left) and I (Angela - I'm on the right) along with Emily Holsopple (she is 11)...
Gerald S. Ogata
Pictured is my Rem. 700 VLS in .223 Rem., With a Nikon Monarch 6x24 purchased from SWFA, and of course, a nice wild pig. This was a strange hunt. Myself and a couple of friends went out hunting for...
John Sinz
Pictured are several of my weapons I use throughout the course of my job (POLICE). At the heart of the photo is the patrol carbine, outfitted with an AimPoint ML2 I obtained from S.W.F.A., along with ...
Nathan Watanabe
Be Prepared. Kandahar, Afghanistan: Uncle Sam doesn’t always spend enough taking care of our Armed Forces in our Global War on Terrorism, so sometimes we have to take care of ourselves. As an Army A...
Tom Argyros
The binoculars in the photo are the culmination of some extensive research and some serious scrambling. I was inches away from purchasing some giant optics from another company when I "just for the he...
Tyler Linscomb
SWFA, This is my nephew, Tyler Linscomb from San Antonio. This is his first buck. He harvested it here in Uvalde using a 7mm-08 and a 4-12x50 Swarovski from SWFA. He is hooked for life. Than...
William McDevitt
My story actually begins a few years back with my father handing down his Remington 760 Gamemaster in 30-06 to me. The rifle is a great gun and I have taken numerous deer with it but I have always had...

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