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SWFA Trade-In Program
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Jeffrey Huddleston

Here are some of the pictures I took in Iraq. The view through that thing was phenomenal and extremely clear. I was in Scout Platoon, 2nd Tank Bn attached to Delta Co, 4th AAVs, RCT-5 performing MSR Security in Iraq from March to October 2006. This meant that we drove up and down a piece of road for 6+ a day looking for IEDs, IED layers or other insurgent activity. I used the scope to visually recon potential IEDs and determine if it was something to investigate further or stop and call EOD and it worked quite well. On the particular day that it got shot my vehicle had just pulled off of an overpass to sit in an OP and over-look the highway. As I was opening my door an insurgent sniper took a shot that bounced off of my scope, hit the power feed to my comm mount and went out the driver's open door (miraculously missing the driver). At first I had thought that the flash bang we owned (which had a notoriously short pin, even for a flash bang) had gone off behind the comm mount and I felt stupid. I looked around and my rifle wasn't in my hands, the windshield was cracked and a water bottle was spraying water from several different holes with one of them being about the size of a bullet. When the round hit the power mount the electricity arced and blinded us and the sonic crack of the bullet inside the humvee was enough to achieve the effect of a flash bang. We found his firing point 1,000 yards away but were unable to catch him that day. He was killed in a firefight a few months after that by our sister platoon, TOW Plt.

We were able to identify him by his tactics, techniques and procedures, which I cannot discuss because of security concerns. I will photograph the damage to the scope as well as a portion of a 1 to 100,000 map of the Fallujah area showing where it happened.

Sgt Huddleston

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