SWFA Trade-In Program

SWFA Trade-In Program
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Duane Herbort

Hunting the South Texas Brush Country can be a challenge without good optics. Those deer down there can slip through the brush undetected very easily. However it’s no trouble seeing these magnificent animals with great optics.

The morning hunt we were blessed with some heavy fog. I thought I would never have a chance at taking anything under these conditions along with the heavy brush.

Having my Swarovski 3-10x42 with the TDS-Plex on top of a Thompson Center Icon chambered in a TC30 makes things easy though. Seeing through fog – not a problem, knowing where to hold with the TDS Plex – not a problem.

Recently I was able to harvest another deer at 374 yards with this same set up. Can’t really say enough about the TDS Plex, as that shot was also right where it was intended to be. I have two guns with the same Swarovski now, I’m a believer.

Duane used:

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