SWFA Trade-In Program

SWFA Trade-In Program
SWFA accepts trades for just about anything of value. Click on the link below and fill out the appraisal form.

Sample List Merchandise

The Sample List is a listing of salesmen's samples, store display models, factory blemished, refurbished, trade-ins, products with damaged packaging, discontinued products and close-outs. Below are a few examples of goods that are currently on The SampleList.com web site.

Stock #ProductDescriptionPrice
SPL22104Swarovski 8x32 EL Binocular DEMO-A
Click to viewSwarovski 8x32 ELNew Price: $2,199.00 Manufact...
SPL21785Weaver 2-8x36 Grand Slam Rifle Scope DEMO-B
Click to viewManufacture Part#: 800610 Reticle: Dual-...
SPL22594Pentax 10x43 DCF SP Binocular DEMO-A
Click to viewPentax 10x43 DCF SP Binocular New Price: $614.9...
SPL23664Leupold 2.5-8x32 VX-3 Handgun Scope DEMO-A
Click to viewLeupold 2.5-8x32 VX-3 Handgun ScopeNew Price: $...
SPL23295Nikon 6x21 Monarch Laser800 Rangefinder DEMO-A
Click to viewManufacture Part#: 8356 800 Yards Finish: Mat...
SPL17461Zeiss 10x50 Conquest Binocular DEMO-B
Click to view SWFA New Price: $1,449.95 Manufacture part#: ...
SPL16605Surefire M961 Millennium Universal WeaponLight DEMO-B
Click to viewManufacture Part#: M961XM07 Reticle: Green Tri...
SPL23610Trijicon AccuPoint 1" Rings DEMO-A
Click to viewTrijicon AccuPoint 1" RingsNew Price: $134.00 ...
SPL22781Zeiss 15-56x65 Victory FL Diascope DEMO-A
Zeiss 15-56x65 Victory FL New Price: $2,799.95 ...

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