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SWFA Trade-In Program
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Leatherwood Rifle Scopes

Leatherwood Riflescopes - Leading the Way

There are new scope companies showing up daily that have their scopes made in China. Why is Leatherwood®/Hi-Lux™ different?

  • The people involved in the company have about two centuries of combined knowledge in the riflescope industry.
  • Leatherwood has new designs that are truly new. The Camputer, the Uni-Dial, the 3-D Mount, the EXTRM Mount and the new M-98 Mount represent designs that are unique to Leatherwood company.
  • Manufacturing of the Camputer Scope has taught Leatherwood how to deal with quality issues in the building of sophisticated optical products in China. The Camputer is the most difficult scope in the world to build even though it appears extremely simple. Leatherwood is now able to finally institute the controls necessary to produce this scope at a very competitive price and get the quality we needed. The new Sporter II shows the results of that work.
  • Leatherwood has now taken that knowledge and applied it to a complete line of optics. Building on basic designs that were already in production, Leatherwood significantly upgraded the quality of the optical glass and changed assembly procedures to insure that the scopes don’t just look good but perform well. To prove the quality, every scope is shock tested and leak tested. This has produced a line that is price competitive with other China produced lines but has the performance of much more expensive scopes.

Leatherwood believes that they represent the new direction in the production of riflescopes and intend to lead the way in this new millennium in both new designs and quality products at very reasonable prices.

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