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SWFA Trade-In Program
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Kurtis Grassie
In the summer of 2010 I had purchased...
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Mueller Riflescopes

Mueller Riflescopes - A Great Alternative to High-Priced Scopes on the Market Today

For years Mueller™ Sport Optics has been quietly building a reputation as a great alternative to the high-priced scopes on the market today. In both independent hunter reviews and expert analyses alike Mueller has (at a lower price) competed head-to-head with the more well known names and either performed just as well or better than scopes selling at a much higher premium.

One of the top selling new scopes in Mueller lineup is the new All Purpose Variable (APV). This scope is perfect for small to medium caliber rifle enthusiasts who want crystal-clear edge to edge optics at a near entry level price point.

Another top-shelf product is the Mueller Tactical (Tac II) which has been directly compared to the best in the optics industry and held up flawlessly under the closest of examinations. With Japanese milled glass combined with European process multi-coating and solid state construction, this scope is designed to withstand heavy caliber recoils for the most avid shooting enthusiasts.

All Mueller products are built to the highest of standards to ensure both your success and your satisfaction. All Mueller scopes are shock proof, and sealed to be fog proof. Mueller understands that it's only through the offering of a great product at a reasonable price that they can truly call themselves "Simply Better."

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