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SWFA Trade-In Program
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Schmidt & Bender

Schmidt & Bender Riflescopes

Schmidt & Bender Riflescopes

The company of Schmidt & Bender was founded in 1957 by the precision mechanic Helmut Schmidt and the master precision mechanic Helmut Bender. Under the so-called house brands of GECO, HORRIDO, AKAH they manufactured scopes for German wholesalers, which are often still in use by hunters many years later.

It was only at the beginning of the seventies when a refined line of scopes was launched on the market under the own brand of Schmidt & Bender. Ten years later, the series of scopes with centered reticles made the decisive breakthrough toward a permanently successful market position.

Owing to active marketing during the following years, it was possible to develop Schmidt & Bender into an independent brand appreciated by hunters all over the world.

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