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Red / Green Dot

Weaver Red / Green Dot Sights

Weaver Red/Green Dot Sights

This cutting-edge dot sight is perfect for deer, turkey or virtually any big game adventure. And for shooters involved in tactical shooting, it's the perfect addition to any AR platform. Made for instant target acquisition, Weaver's Red/Green Dot Sight has five red and five green brightness settings to ensure accuracy in all light conditions and features four different illumination modes: dot , micro dot , circle and circle with dot.


  • Removable sunshade
  • Spare battery compartment
  • Adjustments are 1 MOA and parallax is set for 50-yards

Weaver Micro Dot Sight

It's a small optic that delivers big fun. The new Weaver Micro Dot is non-magnified fun stuffed into a small package. Easily attached to just about any firearm, the Micro Dot is perfect for fast handgun action, steady shotgun aiming and the lightning-fast world of AR-style rifles. Adjustable brightness settings ensure ease of viewing in a variety of light conditions while the generous eye relief makes the Micro Dot ideal for youth shooting and 3-gun courses...not to mention turkey hunting.


  • Easily mounts to most firearms
  • Unlimited eye relief for a variety of uses
  • Adjustable brightness settings
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Weaver 1x Micro Dot Sight Weaver 1x Micro Dot Sight
Stock # - WEA849255
  • Matte
  • 4 MOA Dot (Red)
  • Easily mounts to most firearms
  • Unlimited eye relief for a variety of uses
  • Use on handguns, shotguns or AR style firearms
  • Adjustable brightness for a variety of lighting conditions
Weaver 3x30 Red Dot Prism Scope Weaver 3x30 Red Dot Prism Scope
Stock # - WEA849275
  • Matte
  • Red Dot
  • 8 Level Brightness Selector
Weaver Rapid Fire Red Dot Sight Weaver Rapid Fire Red Dot Sight
Stock # - WEA849256
  • Matte
  • 2 MOA Dot (Red)
  • Six illuminations settings, including two that are NV compatible
  • .5 MOA click adjustments for competition-level accuracy
  • Removable Tactical Mount with thumbscrew
  • Flip-up scope caps to protect lenses in any environment
  • Low battery indicator for added operational awareness
  • Threaded ARD (Anti-Reflection Device) to reduce visual signature

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