SWFA Trade-In Program

SWFA Trade-In Program
SWFA accepts trades for just about anything of value. Click on the link below and fill out the appraisal form.

Here are the final results for the 2008 / 2009 SWFA Photo Contest .

SWFA is currently investigating fraudulent vote entries and will be adjusting vote totals to include only legitimate votes.

Nathan Watanabe
Another Day (Year) at the Office... Another deployment and again SWFA is helping to kit me out right! As a flying advisor this time, and during operational interdiction missions, I have to be even...
Shane Carver
I finally drew a first season rifle tag in Colorado. The hunt started on a snowy Saturday, and by the end of the day I was cold and wet, and had not seen one track. I started out the next day early an...
James West
Hello Chris, I really cannot recall when I was so thoroughly impressed with an optic. I have been shooting for over 30 years. The Super Sniper scope is truly outstanding. The glass is optically s...
James Moline
We went out before dawn in Montana on my first elk hunt. It was the first day of the season. The stars were out and the air was cold and crisp. We started glassing at sun up and saw only a couple...
John Knott
Another result of SWFA product quality and Service! I was planning a hunt, and at almost the last minute asked Chris and SWFA to install a new base, rings and boresight my scopes for my hunting rig...
Mark Bartlett
Although the name seems more like something designed to lure in the "lets play war" and the power ranger crowd, this thing is amazing. I bought one to put on a Remington VTR .308 with a Bell and Carls...
Dustin Ford
Chris, I want to say thanks to you and your staff for having such a great company and willingness to help. This is the first deer that I have ever shot. It was at 200 yards and the 10XSS made it lo...
John Reagan
I took this buck over the weekend with my Smith & Wesson .460 revolver. It was a 120-125 yd shot. I could not have made that shot without the Warne quick release mount and Leupold FX-II 4x scope tha...
Shawn Huskins
I would like to thank a well noted group of individuals who turned me on to SWFA's Super Sniper Scopes. Their recommendation allowed me to achieve my Advanced Marksmanship Certification this year afte...
Blake Robinson
Feeding on the manzanita berries about 340 yards downhill of us was a freaking huge bear. He looked like a grizzly bear. This was no California coastal black bear like you see in the parks, this wa...

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