SWFA SS 1-4x24 Tactical 30mm Riflescope

SWFA SS 1-4x24 Tactical 30mm Riflescope

Matte, Illuminated Mil-Quad DM, .10 Mrad, 2/p

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  • Matte Finish
  • Illuminated Mil-Quad DM
  • 30mm Tube
  • .10 Mrad Turrets


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Utilizing the Illuminated Mil-Quad DM reticle in the second focal plane gives you better target acquisition in CQB scenarios while maintaining its ability to range and provide aiming points at max power.

The new Illuminated Mil-Quad DM Reticle has built in aiming points for 100, 200, and 300 yards for most 5.56 and 7.62 rounds.

It utilizes a Mil based reticle and has the ability to provide the shooter with accurate target distances utilizing the built in target ranging references. The ranging references can be used to range various objects in various sizes. You can range anything 72", 36", or 24" tall as well as any object 18" wide. This gives you the ability to range objects such as human silhouettes, IPSC silhouettes, deer, hogs or even coyotes.

The exposed knobs have .1 Mil Adjustments per click and 5 Mils per revolution.

The power ring comes threaded for 3 different size throw levers, 5mm, 10mm and 15mm all of which are included. These give you the ability to rapidly zoom in and out and are customizable to fit each shooters preference.

When you're looking for a scope that can accommodate all of your needs in a single unit NOTHING COMES CLOSE.


Exit Pupil:  6 - 10.5mm
Field of View @ 100yds (ft):  100 - 25
Eye Relief (in): 5.0 - 3.1
Diopter Compensation:  -2 ~ +1 dpr
Click Adjustment Value:  0.1 MRAD
Adjustment Per Revoultion:  5 Mils
Total Elevation Adjustment:  55 Mils
Total Windage Adjustment 

55 Mils

Type of Reticle:  Illuminated Mil-Quad DM
Focal Plane:  2nd
Coating:  Fully Multi Coated
Waterproof:  Yes
Fogproof:  Yes
Shockproof:  Yes
Weight:  14.1 oz
Length:  10.2"


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  • On the upper end of 400$ will get you.

    By MR MIKES GUNRACK on 4/12/2017

    My initial analysis of the swfa 1-4. Glass is clear enough for any ranges you would actually use a 1-4. I would say its on par with most of the glass coming out of japan. Eye relief is decent, definitely better than any of the other scopes I've tried in this price range. The brightness of the image isn't as good as say the trijicon tr24 but definitely on par with scopes in this price range. The reticle is really precise and the easy ranging negates the need for any math that you would use for a mill system making it fast to figure out a firing solution. However i did notice that the reticle is a little bit hard to pick up especially at speed when you are trying to be fast. This I believe is a byproduct of the reticle being rather busy and the lack of illumination (ill get to that in a bit) The turrets click positively, and firmly. I wouldn't be worried about accidentally bumping the turrets and loosing my zero. And the turrets are probably better than the swfa ss 3-15, even better than some sub 1000$ vortex stuff I've tried. I initially had some trouble setting the proper focus and getting the 1x to look right. At first everything was way smaller appearing through the scope. This is big problem with lower end glass, because if the image doesn't look the same through the scope as it does with the naked eye it slows you down considerably, especially when practicing snap shots inside of 20 yards. but after messing with it i got it pretty close to looking right. I found the illumination is pretty much unusable for everything except maybe inside of a house with artificial lighting. But outside even with overcast sky it really doesn't have enough juice to be picked up easily. The unit includes 2 batteries and has a place in the battery cap to store them. they include 3 different cat tails, and that save you from having to spend more on a cat tail. Overall good scope for the money, and you would be hard pressed to do better for 400$