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Nikon's Monarch Madness and More 1299X400

Optics Talk Latest Postings

  1. 300 WSM Rifles

    I didn't know if I should post in firearms or hunting. Mods please feel free to move. Thinking about purchasing a new Winchester Model 70 Supergrade in 300 WSM that I saw...

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  2. Scope foe pig hunting

    Looking for information about a scope for pig hunting. I will be hunting pigs in Texas this fall when I go down there for a duck hunt. Leupold makes a dedicated scope for...

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  3. Vortex Razor (not HD) worth anything?

    I have a pair of Vortex Razors I purchased in 2007 before the HD models came out. I just don't hunt anymore and am wondering if they are worth anything. I don't see these o...

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