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Optics Talk Latest Postings

  1. For Sale: GDI R-COM E Model

    This is a very nicely made unit for attaching Trijicon ACOG scopes and reflex optic sights to picatinny rails. It is much nicer than the standard Weaver mount, is QD via a ...

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  2. Question about Nikon Monarch scopes

    Nikon advertises their Nikoplex reticlewhich sort of looks like a heavy duplex in their photo. Are they actually heavier than other manufacture's duplex, or is it just an i...

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  3. Warranty is good

    I have to give Leupold props, they replaced the, oh I don't know what you call it, the objective lens or something on my VX1. The back part of the scope that screws off.&nb...

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