SWFA SS-Tac 30mm Bubble Level with 1" Inserts

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Bubble levels are used on long-range rifle setups to ensure the rifle is vertically level so that any adjustments made to the elevation turret or holdovers done via the reticle will remain vertical. Accurate holdovers whether dialed or held will be off angularly if your rifle is canted at the time you squeeze the trigger. Your reticle tracks internally on a level vertical path and your reticle is aligned internally with the scope's adjustments to be level vertically, keeping them level and aligned at the time the bullet leaves your barrel will make a significant difference at long ranges.

Instead of using lines as a frame of reference, to center the bubble in the level, we completely enclosed the level except where the bubble should be. It draws your eye to the bubble much faster and efficiently. Designed to fit a 30mm tube scope and comes with 1" inserts making it mountable on either 1" or 30mm tube scopes.


SWFA SS-Tac 30mm Bubble Level with 1" Inserts
Brand: SWFA
Model: SS-Tac Bubble Level
Finish: Matte
Material: Aluminum
Ring Diameter (mm): 30 (with 1" Inserts)
Weight (oz): 1.28