SWFA 10x42 SS - Mil-Quad Reticle, 30mm, .1 MIL Clicks, Rear Focus

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In sub-zero temperatures or searing desert heat (-50 degrees to +130 degrees Fahrenheit, and altitudes of 30,000 feet to depths of 15 feet in salt water) the waterproof, shockproof, fogproof SS performs. Whatever the weapon, from .223 to .50 BMG, the SS handles the recoil. Whatever the target, the SS gives you the best advantage. Made of lightweight aluminum but strong as steel, it has superior multicoated optics for maximum light transmission. Built to NATO specs.


  • Matte Finish
  • Patented Mil-Quad Reticle
  • 30mm Tube
  • .1 MRAD Turrets
  • Rear Focus
  • OK for .50 cal


  • EXIT PUPIL: 4.2mm
  • WEIGHT: 20.6
  • LENGTH: 357mm / 14.26"
  • FIELD OF VIEW @ 100 YDS: 3.9m
  • SIDE PARALLAX ADJUSTMENT (M): 10 - infinity
  • EYE RELIEF (IN): 3.9
  • FOCAL PLANE: Second
  • COATING: Fully Multi Coated
  • FOGPROOF: yes


  • 5
    SWFA 10x Mil Quad rear focus

    Posted by Tony on May 13th 2024

    These are great scopes, I bought 3 of the 10x because the 6x are out of stock.

  • 5
    Swfa 10x42 ss

    Posted by Ryan Flint on Dec 23rd 2023

    I own 4 of these optics. Great quality, great glass, best bang for the buck for long range simple shooting.

  • 5
    Warranty A+

    Posted by EW on Nov 17th 2023

    My old one was way better than expected, especially at the price. But it could not be expected to withstand my dropping it on a boulder in a fall. I was able to finish the hunt after rezeroing it. SWFA gave me store credit for the full price today on a new one in spite of the fact that the damage was on me 100%.

  • 5

    Posted by G on Oct 5th 2023

    I have heard good things about this optic. I got one for an AR that destroyed a Leupold due to the recoil pulse in less than 500 rounds. The first thing I noticed was the clarity of the glass; it really is as good as people say. It is not quite the same as a Nightforce NXS, but it does not have all the optical distortion around your field of view like the Nightforce. This scope has better glass than my more expensive Weavers and Nikons and better glass than the Leupold it replaced. I bet the HD model would be very impressive. I like the turrets. The parallax location takes some getting used to, but it works well. I put in some zero stop shims. My optic was from before the $100 in free stuff offer. I am planning to buy more of these; one each for a 22-250 Improved, 22-243 and 7mm Rem mag. I may try the 12x, but I do not know how much it will affect exit pupil and field view; both of which I like a lot of. I wish they made a 12x50 HD! Also, I love the reticle. It is fine, easy to understand and does not clutter field of view. It is very practical for measuring, spotting and fine enough for target use. The caps are a good-add on for the money. Tracks right, so far. Recommended.

  • 5
    Beat on hard and still hard to beat!

    Posted by RJ from AZ on Oct 5th 2023

    I received my first one a little over a year ago. I took it out to my little spot in the desert to sight it in and see what it could do. I zeroed it in three rounds and put another couple of rounds through it to empty the magazine. I had the front of my rifle sitting on my tripod (about 3 1/2 feet up) and the rear on a bench. I walked away to reload another magazine and a dust devil (“AZ tornado”) came through and blew everything over. I ran over thinking “Great! I’ve had my new scope out 5 minutes and now it’s broken.” As I picked it up, I noticed the indentation on the ground where the scope turret apparently hit the ground first (attached to my 14 lb. rifle). I loaded it up, lined up on the target and, wow! Still zeroed! Performed a box test... perfect results! So far, I have taken it out to 1109 yards. I nailed the target (with hand loads and watching the wind, of course) and returns to my 100 yd. zero perfectly. This thing is built like a tank. This scope is as clear as any of my other scopes that start with a V. I sold ALL of those and bought another 10x. I am building another long-range rifle and am about to order yet another. You cannot do any better for two to three times this price and cannot say enough good about this line. I have even turned some hard-core Leupold die hards onto this scope as well!

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    Compare to $1200+

    Posted by theFatMan79 on Oct 5th 2023

    Suffice to say I am experienced. The glass clarity is solid for long range. Used on 50 BMG among other rifles. Holds Zero, Tracks spot on, Reticle is precise. Light transmission even at dawn and dusk is solid. Never fogged up. Looking to buy more. I own NightForce, Trijicon, Leupold and similar. Great buy for any use, do not let the price affect your decision on these units. Not to mention the amazing service from SWFA. 10 plus years buying from them

  • 5
    2nd purchase

    Posted by Fantom on Oct 5th 2023

    Just ordered SS 10x42 MQ. If it is on par with my 12x42 on a 6.5, then this should be a cake walk. 1000 + rounds and still holds zero. 1000+ yards, no problem. Glass is solid for the money and the MQ reticle is like a fine wine. The farther the target, the better!

  • 5
    10x42 ss mil/mil

    Posted by Luke on Oct 5th 2023

    My first purchase was 3 years ago for a budget long range Ruger American Predator chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor , it took no time at all to understand the reticle and turrets. My wife and I consistently hit 8” steel at 800 yards, was so pleased with the quality of this scope I bought another and put it on a Tikka T3x in 6.5 creedmoor with the same results will be buying 2 more to mount on my other rifles. Bar none bestscope for the money hands down

  • 5
    You will not regret it

    Posted by CB on Oct 5th 2023

    I have been using this scope now for a couple of years and a few hundred rounds of 175gr M118 (.308) equivalent through my Remington 700. I shoot 300- 800 yards frequently and this scope is perfect for the task. Tracks perfectly every shot, if I do my part. The only negative I can think of at this point is that the clicks are soft feeling and you really have to pay attention when you make adjustments if the light is lower. Other than that, I love this scope and will get another when I get my .300 Win Mag.