SWFA 20x42 SS - Mil-Quad Reticle, 30mm, .1 MIL Clicks, Rear Focus

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In sub-zero temperatures or searing desert heat (-50 degrees to +130 degrees Fahrenheit, and altitudes of 30,000 feet to depths of 15 feet in salt water) the waterproof, shockproof, fogproof SS performs. Whatever the weapon, from .223 to .50 BMG, the SS handles the recoil. Whatever the target, the SS gives you the best advantage. Made of lightweight aluminum but strong as steel, it has superior multicoated optics for maximum light transmission. Built to NATO specs.


  • Matte Finish
  • Patented Mil-Quad Reticle
  • 30mm Tube
  • .10 Mrad Turrets
  • Rear Focus
  • OK for .50 cal


  • EXIT PUPIL: 2.1
  • WEIGHT: 20.4
  • LENGTH: 359 mm / 14.26"
  • FIELD OF VIEW @ 100 YDS: 1.9m
  • SIDE PARALLAX ADJUSTMENT (M): 10 - infinity
  • EYE RELIEF (IN): 3.4
  • FOCAL PLANE: Second
  • COATING: Fully Multi Coated
  • FOGPROOF: yes


  • 5
    I’ve bought 3 of these.

    Posted by Bryan on Sep 26th 2022

    I have bought three of the SS 20x42MQ Riflescopes so far. They are mounted on a Ruger Precision 6.5 Creedmoor, Remington 700 204, and a Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor that I bought for my father-in-law. I have never had a minute’s trouble out of any of them. I will be placing an order for another very soon. I have shot beside some very expensive scopes out to 915 yards and have no trouble keeping up with or outshooting them. Adjustments are true and return to zero is dead on. These absolutely CANNOT be beat for the money.

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    Awesome Scope!

    Posted by Ronnie on Jun 9th 2022

    I purchased one of these back in August of 2020 after a friend recommended it. He had two of them and swore that it would be the best $300 that I had ever spent in my life for my Long range rifle. He was 100% correct!!!! This is the best scope that I have ever owned!! The clarity is perfect!! We often shoot distances over 1000 yards with this optic with 6.5 creedmoor. I have wasted so much money in the past on scopes costing 5 times as much! you will not be sorry if you purchase one of these scopes!

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    Worth every penny

    Posted by will on Apr 23rd 2022

    If you are in the market for a quality optic at an affordable price the SWFA fixed power scopes are what you should get, reasonable glass clarity spot on tracking tons of elevation travel to make 1 mile plus shots and durability are what you can expect from them.

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    Long range scope

    Posted by Salar221 on Aug 7th 2020

    The SS 20x42 scope is great. I shoot with this scope to 2283 yards with .308 cal. Here is the video. https://youtu.be/h7mCPfpt4Pg

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    1,2,3 and done.

    Posted by lowjax on Mar 19th 2019

    I purchased this SS20x42 for an AR-10 build in 6.5 Creedmoor. It rivals other higher priced competitors easily at a lower cost. I sighted in today at a 50-yard range, because the 100-yard range was full with youth shooters. The glass is clear and bright. This is working on a new build; I did not have any problems with the glass or scope what so ever. Amazed, or I was just simply lucky getting on paper at 50 yards, on first shot. Three shots later, I was hitting sub moa at 50 yards (6.5 Creedmoor). The turrets are simple and clean walking in to zero rifle. I love the MRAD turrets to scope cross hair MRAD recital.

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    You Cannot Go Wrong with this scope!

    Posted by Ronnie on Jan 20th 2019

    A friend of mine convinced me into buying one of these for my new Savage Stealth in 6.5 Creedmoor. I'm pretty new to long range shooting so I leaned on the advice of others to help me put together a good gun/scope combo for long range shooting. This scope is freaking amazing!! I shoot along side guys every weekend who spent 3 -4 times more cash for their optics and I typically clean their clock with my $300 SWFA. I promise that you will not be disappointed with this scope for long range shooting. ( Not recommended for hunting since this is a fixed 20X)

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    Rock solid! A tank!

    Posted by Suco on Jul 8th 2018

    I own a spring air rifle (Air Arms TX200Mk3). Three scopes last less than 800 shots in this rifle. The double recoil of a spring air rifle is very tough for scopes. Leapers utg and hawke falied in my rifle, them suppose to be “spring rated” but didn’t pass the task. So I read of the famous SWFA SS scopes. I put the 20x42 and now my rifle has more than 1000 shots with no issues. I think that finally found a scope that can resist the abuse of a springer. I highly recommend this scope for spring air rifles.

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    Range Review of SWFA SS 20x42

    Posted by Possum1 on Jun 8th 2018

    The scope reviews I have read both, good and bad are biased and based largely on the intended purpose and often the scope is not appropriate for. The intended use. Example a review of a second focal plane 6x24 variable zoom used primarily for deer hunting where long range is perhaps 120 yards. For that purpose the scope is not going to work well given things like field of view, ranging and ability to hold zero on a Win Mag. So my review is based upon the 20x42 for my use. I shoot paper off a bench to a 1000 yards. For that purpose I am sold on the rugged and simple design of the fixed power scope. I have been through $1500 or so of variable power scopes that won’t hold zero. Inconsistent elevation adjustments, I learned that the construction of the variable power scope is very complicated relative to a first focal plane scope. The simplicity converts to better durability. I send around 1500 rounds per year down the pipe which requires a scope to absorb a lot of recoil. So with that said, I give the SWFA SS 20x42 five stars. I have a mil/mil version. To zero took 2 rounds looking through the scope I could see the first POI at 1.2 Mils high and .2 left. I made that correction and hit a 1” orange dot at 100 yards. I then dialed 1 mil left and using the first round hole as a point fired a shot, then 1 mil elevation and fired using same aim point. Then 1 mil right fired again followed by 1 mil down. The last shot was a figure 8 with the aim point. I pulled targeted and measured the distances. All were within a quarter inch of 3.6” apart and well with in the ability of the shooter. Using G7 tables I made a 200 yard shot using the 1” dot and hit .1 mil left. So scope reticle is accurate and tracking was as good as any scope you can buy. Did not shoot beyond 200 but did find another target at about 600 yards could see it well enough for shot. Now clarity. The scope has the same glass at the 16x. The higher power losses some clarity and darkening around the fringes.